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Distinction is a digital agency that specialises in Paid Media. We help businesses capture market share and drive quality leads through smart PPC strategies.

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PPC Management Nottingham

Paid Search is a form of digital marketing which allows advertisers to show ads related to the keywords that users search for. The most popular platforms for Paid Search are Google Ads and Bing ads - we have experience with both.

We can help you with Google Ads, Google Shopping Ads, remarketing, Bing Ads and PPC auditing. We’ve worked with a wide range of businesses in Nottingham, using our data led approach to drive long-lasting results

Google Ads

Our team of paid specialists are highly integrated, making us able to work across your website and ads to ensure you are optimised to get conversions. We are Google Ads certified our team stay on top

Whether you need Google Ads set up from scratch, or you want your current offering optimised, we'll audit your current Google Ads and make meaningful changes so that you can succeed.

Paid Social Ads

Delivering effective social media advertising is about understanding your customers and finding the right platforms to reach them. Our digital team can ensure your campaigns align with your search efforts, to ensure that your customers get the right advert on the right platform at the right time.

About Distinction

Distinction is a digital agency that was founded in 2001 in Nottingham. Since then, the agency has grown to offer a wide range of services - Paid Media and PPC has been at the heart of our offering for many years.

We view paid media as part of a wider digital strategy so our PPC specialists work closely with SEO experts to deliver holistic search results.

At Distinction, we pride ourselves on building transparent long-term relationships with our clients. We run PPC work transparently - campaigns are monitored, tweaked, and optimised. And you'll receive reports that show you how we have put your budget to work.

PPC Nottingham

For the past 20 years we’ve worked with companies in and around Nottingham delivering multi-channel paid strategies that deliver for local businesses.

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Transitioning to an enterprise management system has also made our marketing efforts a lot easier and more effective. We’ve seen some great results, especially for our events, which see greater attendance and conversion rates.

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