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Future proof your site with latest organic search marketing techniques

It's not a case of one size fits all. We use detailed knowledge and data of your industry to pick a bespoke strategy for you.

Search engine optimisation (SEO) or search marketing is the art of understanding how people search in your vertical. It's not about knowing the ins and out of every Google ranking signal but tailoring your website to suit the user's search intent for your products or services.

This is the best way to ensure that your natural search traffic remains a cornerstone of your overall strategy for lead generation, brand awareness and conversion optimisation.

Our approach to search engine optimisation (SEO)

Our search marketers have detailed knowledge and experience of Google's 200+ search ranking signals and combining this with profiling your customers allows us to work with you to maximise search visibility whilst continuously try to improve engagement and conversion.

Some of the activities we typically engage in are:

Keyword research

Keyword and topical research is important in order to identify the areas of optimisation and opportunity. This is fundamental in determining the scale of your strategy and ultimately, its success.

Full site audits

We break this down into 5 key areas; indexation, accessibility, content, architecture and off-page factors. This process is fundamental to understanding where you currently place in the market and where the gaps are between you and your competitors.

Link building

Outreach is the process of getting more people talking about your brand - enough to link to the site and endorse your services.


Weekly, Monthly, Quarterly. We provide detailed reports that outline key successes / areas of improvement for your campaign without spending a lot of time doing it. We prefer to do the work and producing huge reports has its place, but the majority of any time invested is in the implementation of our strategy.


We want to be seen as an extension to your digital team. We will never carry out work that we feel your team is capable of doing (unless we need to). This means that we can focus on doing what we do best and the relationship between client and agency is open and direct.

We'll make sure that any SEO strategy implemented is in line with any other digital marketing activity that is carried to ensure SEO is not isolated.

Local and international search marketing

Local SEO differs in that the core focus is communicating with search engines the local relevance of your site or page. Local SEO used to mean that you would target search terms that included local queries, such as "Restaurants in Hammersmith", "MOT service Manchester" or "book shops Edinburgh". Today's local SEO means this is not the case now as Google uses and interprets a search query based on users' settings and location preferences. This means that a user doesn't need to include the location to get these results.

We use a variety of tools and techniques to help local SEO including:

  • On page local optimisation - from simple on page spell checking and consistency checks of local service offerings and areas served to implementing structured markup (SCHEMA) to ensure search engines get the clearest on-site picture of where your business is physically situated and the areas it serves
  • Link building (from local resources and publications) - still one of the most important factors for Google when determining authority (both domain and page)
  • Optimisation of NAP (name, address, phone) information across the web - consistency is key, the more times Google sees the same information written across the web, the more likely it is to trust the location of your business.
  • Google My Business - a free tool from Google that helps manage your presence on Google Plus and Maps

We've worked with local businesses to national corporations with a local presence to maximise visibility. We understand that local is the most important aspect to your business and we take local as seriously as national or international SEO. Google's constant changes to AdWords and the search algorithm show that they value local search very highly and understand that users typically search in this context.

However, if you know that a good proportion of your site traffic is coming from other countries or speak other languages then chances are that you need to start thinking about international SEO.

Essentially, this means that your site needs to accommodate these different users in the target countries and languages. That could mean accommodating different languages, producing relevant content and/or services (think customer service), and even correct local currencies and time zones. Although the UK, US, Australia and South Africa all speak the same language, they have different currencies, time zones, spelling and grammar rules and even descriptions of the same product (think 'pants' in the UK and US). Shipping in particular can catch a lot of customers out and is still the single biggest reason for abandoned baskets. By tailoring your site to the different audiences, you help customers avoid those nasty surprises!

Our approach comes down to content (as well as technically sound SEO practices). Offering targeted content that is appropriate for each of those regions or language groups. Whether it means separate sites or subdirectories that visitors and search engines can easily find the most relevant content.

Examples of our search engine optimisation work

200+ SEO ranking signals

Google has over 200+ ranking signals it uses to determine rank, authority and trust of a given domain/page, so it is fruitless to focus a few of them to manipulate the search. In all honesty, Google's search algorithm has become so advanced from just a few years ago that these strategies that focus on core aspects of the ranking signals simply do not work any more. Huge link building or keyword stuffing techniques are easily picked up and spotted so there is no point trying to cheat the system as the risk is too great. We do work to help remove manual penalties against websites but we would hope that it has never got that far to begin with!

Every strategy we implement is designed to ensure long-lasting search visibility, meaning that you are protected from Google's next algorithm update or penalty rollout. We take a holistic view to SEO and believe it should be treated as such, whether that's a local business or a multinational corporation looking to optimise on a global scale. We have experience in a vast array of industries and believe in every strategy we implement - we put our reputation on it!

Tomorrow's SEO, today!

Google made over 600 changes to the search algorithm last year alone and every year it increases. Most a minor changes that have little affect on us, (most will never be noticed) but they do make occasional major updates throughout the year. These are the updates that could affect your content (Panda), incoming links (Penguin), local relevance (Hummingbird) or mobile optimisation. Google have even implemented machine-learning AI system (RankBrain) that will be used to help process its search. It's essential that your partnered agency knows all of this and is able to advise accordingly. We try to stay ahead of the game and anticipate changes so that we are leaning towards being proactive rather than reactive (although there will always be an element of that).

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