Digital strategy

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We help organisations understand and achieve success in the digital world.

In an increasingly digitally connected world, a sound digital strategy is a core component of your overall business strategy. With the increasingly fast pace of technological innovation, the way organisations do business and communicate both internally and externally is changing.

Your consumers are more discerning users of digital products and services than ever before.

Distinction helps companies understand their users’ needs, embrace new technologies and to innovate faster using digital. Digital allows you to create cross-channel consumer experiences that are fully integrated and easily measurable. We work with you to disrupt and innovate.

What is a digital strategy?

An effective digital strategy defines how you will use digital to achieve your organisation's goals and objectives. With thorough research and benchmarking, data collection and interpretation, collaborative workshops, and stakeholder interviews, our team works with you to define a sustainable digital strategy for your business.

Requirements Gathering

Our work delivers the best results for our clients because we spend time getting to know your brand, your organisation, and your specific challenges. We're highly experienced at conducting interactive workshops and interviews, especially with senior stakeholders, as well as analysing the results.

The discovery process is not just about collecting a list of features and functionality. It is predominantly about understanding users’ needs, and is also a great opportunity to review the processes, skillsets, and governance that will support the solution within the organisation.

Gathering business requirements delivers:

  • An understanding of existing customer behaviour, requirements and priorities
  • Clear, specific objectives and requirements based on prioritised business objectives and key performance indicators
  • Vision, goals and success criteria based on short and long-term business goals
  • An understanding of the project requirements and perceptions from key stakeholders and teams in your organisation
  • A more engaged and focussed wider project team, encompassing all stakeholders

Technical requirements gathering

So your organisation is in need of a new technology solution?

Perhaps it’s a content management system (CMS), customer experience management system (CXM), a marketing automation platform (MAP), or perhaps a combination of solutions.

A requirements gathering phase needs to identify requirements not just for today, but also what might be required in the near future. In the worst case, when undertaking a complex technical project, the organisation may have outgrown the technology before it is even fully implemented.

Consideration must be given to the vendor’s roadmap too, since their capabilities are likely to evolve over time too. Whatever the technology, an effective requirements gathering phase greatly reduces the risk of under- or over- buying. Buying too little or too much can be a very costly mistake.

What does gathering requirements involve?

Although this varies from project to project, it normally includes:

  • Interviews, workshops and questionnaires with internal stakeholders
  • Research with external groups, such as customers or users
  • Analysis of supporting data, such as website usage and visitor behaviour
  • Reviewing existing processes and strategies
  • Rapid prototyping and collaborative sketching to explore solutions
  • Reporting and documentation

If you want to find out more about our digital strategy projects and how we could help your business, take a look at our recent case studies.

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