Software engineering.

Expertise product development
“Software is a great combination between artistry and engineering.” Bill Gates

Our inhouse web developers and software engineers are well-versed in modern tech stacks so, with us as your technical partner, your digital products and services are in safe hands.

Web development

Your website is more than a shop window, it’s key to enabling and delivering aggressive growth plans. Our engineering team is experienced in creating enterprise web presence using a CMS like Kentico, Sitecore or Umbraco. We’re used to building out a microservices infrastructure with a combination of SaaS providers. We tackle complex integrations between CMS, CXM, CRM, ERP and many proprietary systems.

Software development

Whether you’re taking an existing product to the next level, or disrupting the market with a new one, our team of software engineers approaches software development with an agile mindset. We’ll work with you to create a minimum viable product (MVP), launch it quickly, analyse the data, adjust to what the market’s telling us. Then we keep improving on and iterating success, keeping on top of consumer demand.

Mobile app development

Using our outside-in approach to design and development, our engineering team builds mobile apps to surprise and delight the end user at every touchpoint. People expect instant gratification today, none more so than on mobile devices, so our UX and UI designers always adopt a user-centric approach for Android and iOS mobile app development.

System and technical architecture

System architecture is vital to the successful design, development and delivery of your product. Our team analyses and recommends the right combination of IT system components to achieve your business goal or desired project outcome. Our technical architects will make sure that your product works across all communication networks, security, hardware and software available to your end users.

Technical consulting

Technology changes at pace and it’s hard to keep up with it. Whether you need an audit to check that your tech stack is fit for purpose or are keen to leverage emerging technologies in artificial intelligence (AI), augmented reality (AR) or virtual reality (VR), our technical team can help you take stock and consult on more complex cognitive-based solutions.

Testing and quality assurance (QA)

Testing and development go hand in hand here at Distinction – we adopt the test lifecycle of planning, execution, analysis and reporting – to give you quality assurance every time. With our rigid testing procedures and eagle-eyed QA team, you don’t have to sacrifice quality for speed, you get both.

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