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We know conventional thinking doesn’t shape the future, diversity of perspective does. And since we like to scribble our thoughts down, here’s our journal.


Optimising your fintech product with SEO hero

Insight | 30 November 2021

Optimising your fintech product with SEO

Why fintech firms should leverage the power of organic search through a long-term SEO strategy.

Katie Mishner 200

Katie Mishner

SEO and Content Strategist

Three model businessmen placed on gravel around a hole

Opinion | 08 November 2021

The big lie of digital strategy

Why do executives fall into three comfort traps of strategic planning when the world is so unpredictable? We explain why you need to step out your comfort zone and take risks to avoid the big lie of digital strategy.

James Bloor 800

James Bloor

Chief Strategy Officer

Couple (man and woman) with man shaking another woman's hand

Insight | 27 October 2021

5 ways change is coming to the mortgage industry

The mortgage industry has been slower to adopt fintech than its financial services counterparts, but it’s catching up and we tell you how.

James Bloor 800

James Bloor

Chief Strategy Officer

Two men shaking hands in front of a commercial property

News | 08 September 2021

Welcome to our new digs!

We opened the doors to our new Nottingham HQ yesterday and continued our celebrations of 20 years of success and growth with Nottingham Rugby Club.

Helen Walters 800

Helen Walters

Chief Marketing Officer

20 things Insta

News | 21 May 2021

Supporting those who support us

We’re turning 20 on 26 June and what better way to celebrate than by raising funds for Nottingham Hospitals Charity to say thank you for caring for our hometown.

Emma De Maudave 800

Emma de Maudave

Head of Partnerships

Crack in a discoloured wall

Opinion | 18 May 2021

Can a good product disrupt your customer experience?

What happens when product experience begins to overtake the experience of your entire end to end offering? We explore if exceptional product experiences can be at the detriment of your customer experience.

Professional female sat at work station pinching the bridge of her nose and holding glasses in her other hand

Opinion | 04 May 2021

Organisational friction: why positive conflict leads to successful business outcomes

Friction in the workplace can never be a good thing, right? Wrong! We think that healthy friction in organisations can only be positive.

News Member Wise recognised supplier hero

News | 27 April 2021

Distinction becomes a MemberWise Recognised Supplier

We’re delighted to announce we’ve joined MemberWise as a Recognised Supplier.

Helen Walters 800

Helen Walters

Chief Marketing Officer

Lit up sign saying hotel on top of a roof at night

Opinion | 20 April 2021

From hotels to digital: why personalisation is the Achilles heel of truly personalised experiences

It's time to rethink personalisation as the only way to personalise online experiences.

Hand hovering above a tablet laid flat on a table, conjuring icons to represent digital transformation

Insight | 31 March 2021

How digital transformation can improve your customer experience

Customers are the lifeblood of any organisation, so customer experience is always top of the agenda. We take a look at the impact digital transformation can have on improving CX.

James Bloor 800

James Bloor

Chief Strategy Officer