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20 things Insta

News | 21 May 2021

Supporting those who support us

We’re turning 20 on 26 June and what better way to celebrate than by raising funds for Nottingham Hospitals Charity to say thank you for caring for our hometown.

Emma De Maudave 800

Emma de Maudave

Head of Partnerships

Crack in a discoloured wall

Opinion | 18 May 2021

Can a good product disrupt your customer experience?

What happens when product experience begins to overtake the experience of your entire end to end offering? Billy Williams, our Head of Digital, explores if exceptional product experiences can be at the detriment of your customer experience.

Billy Williams 800

Billy Williams

Head of Digital

Professional female sat at work station pinching the bridge of her nose and holding glasses in her other hand

Opinion | 04 May 2021

Organisational friction: why positive conflict leads to successful business outcomes

Friction in the workplace can never be a good thing, right? Wrong, says David Spencer, our Head of Delivery, healthy friction in organisations can only be positive.

David Spencer 800

David Spencer

Head of Delivery

Lit up sign saying hotel on top of a roof at night

Opinion | 20 April 2021

From hotels to digital: why personalisation is the Achilles heel of truly personalised experiences

Personalisation is the key to a personalised online experience, right? Think again says, Billy Williams, our Head of Digital.

Billy Williams 800

Billy Williams

Head of Digital

Hand hovering above a tablet laid flat on a table, conjuring icons to represent digital transformation

Insight | 31 March 2021

How digital transformation can improve your customer experience

Customers are the lifeblood of any organisation, so customer experience is always top of the agenda. We take a look at the impact digital transformation can have on improving CX.

James Bloor 800

James Bloor

Chief Strategy Officer

Glass jar on its side with coins pouring out

Opinion | 23 March 2021

Challenger insurance: how the insurance market can be revolutionised by challenger thinking

Retail banking has been disrupted by the likes of Monzo, Starling and Revolut so isn’t it time that general insurance providers follow suit, asks Billy Williams, our Head of Digital.

Billy Williams 800

Billy Williams

Head of Digital

Mug of coffee next to paper napkin and pen with words related to information written on it

Opinion | 19 March 2021

How some membership sites are winning at UX

Our resident UX expert, Nichola Hudson, gives her take on the user experience of some popular membership sites.

Nichola Hudson 800

Nichola Hudson

Product Designer

Three people sat on a bench facing a gallery of black and white photographs

Insight | 16 March 2021

Everything you need to know about social media for membership organisations in 2021

Membership organisations must tackle social media differently from other brands. Henry France, our Head of Strategy, looks at how to communicate value effectively and increase member engagement.

Henry France 800

Henry France

Head of Marketing

Chalk board with members only on it

Insight | 03 March 2021

How to make the UX of your membership site as member-centric as possible

Membership organisations need to attract and retain members from across the generations so an engaging digital presence is essential. Product Designer, Nichola Hudson, explains how having a member-centric UX does just that.

Nichola Hudson 800

Nichola Hudson

Product Designer

The word 'stakeholder' spotlighted in a dictionary

Insight | 02 March 2021

Is everybody on board?

Dave Spencer, our Head of Delivery, takes a look at how to align stakeholders in complex organisations like those in the membership sector.

David Spencer 800

David Spencer

Head of Delivery