We couldn’t keep our promise of progress beyond reason without a tried and tested approach to digital product design, build and delivery.


Over the years, we’ve found that bringing together key components of agile and waterfall project management methodologies means a hybrid approach works best to deliver maximum value. With collaboration at the heart of everything, our small but perfectly formed project teams are comprised of specialists to cover each discipline.

We have an autonomous culture where CPD is paramount so our team is empowered not only with the skills needed to do the day job but decision-making capabilities too. This means your project keeps moving and you’ll benefit from direct contact with the right person at the right time.

These folks are good. Fast, decisive, and there when you need them.

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Our project approach combines the best of agile and waterfall.


Our design approach is customer-centric, based on the principles of design thinking. It’s an iterative process underpinned by empathy with your target audience. You’ll get the best outcomes as a direct result of better understanding your customers’ needs.

Distinction is a brilliant digital product agency, always putting consumer needs and engagement at the forefront of everything they deliver.

Distinction Design Approach

We take a design thinking approach to creating digital products.


Taking an industry-leading approach to tech ecosystems by decoupling design, content, and development means each discipline is free to do what they do best without treading on each other’s toes. Designers can focus on the UX and presentation of the content, editors can concentrate on the substance of the content, and developers bring the two together in the best way for the medium that’s delivering the content.

What’s more, our tech stack approach allows for multiple content sources and integrations to be handled in a more isolates way, reducing the overall complexity for each integration. And it’s flexible enough to allow for future technological advances.

The team at Distinction are very smart cookies. They led this project from the start, putting the customer experience front and centre whilst balancing all the complex technical requirements behind the scenes. We wouldn’t have got the project over the line so quickly and successfully without them.

Distinction Tech Stack Approach

A technical architecture that gives your customers consistent and relevant experiences across all devices.

What is active strategy?

Most organisations adopt a planned strategic approach to achieve business goals because that’s the way it’s always been done. The problem with planned strategy is that its success is dependent on the stability of the status quo of an organisation’s environment and its market. Planned strategy relies on a forecasted, anticipated roadmap of the future. And, as we all know, the future is unpredictable.

That’s why we use our active strategy framework both for our clients and our own business. It recalibrates your growth plan and revolutionises business strategy. Instead of the traditional one to three year cycle of planned strategy, active strategy uses shorter cycles. End of year reviews are replaced with 90-day reviews to validate and adjust tactics in a world that doesn’t stand still.

Not only does active strategy get you to your end goals much faster, it also gives you the opportunity to take advantage of emerging trends and mitigate external threats that you have no control over.

Using our simple active strategy framework, you’ll adapt first and fast to customer demands, deliver results when they’re needed and meet KPIs in real time. All with that big end goal in plain sight. Meaning happy investors, happy stakeholders, a happy team and – most importantly – happy customers.

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We’ve worked with Distinction from day one. HD and Experian continue to work with Distinction on some of our most critical projects to this day. They are a bright team who deliver the highest quality; you can rely on them.

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