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Pay-per-click (PPC)

Get noticed instantly

Paid search – or Pay-Per-Click – allows you to target users searching specifically for your products or services.

You’ll pay for each visitor, and how much depends on how competitive the term is. Some industries understandably have larger barriers to entry than others such as insurance, software, loans, 2nd hand cars, etc.

We have worked with clients from all of these fields and had relative success, as long as your goals are set based on available data then the sky's the limit.

Why pay per click?

It’s a great addition to an SEO campaign because it gives instant results while you’re working on your organic results. And it’s also very specific so, with the right planning, you can make sure you’re targeting the right keywords, places and languages, and keep track of your results instantly.

Just like with SEO, we’ll start by working with you to make a clear plan and set targets. We’ll tell you which search terms are worth paying for, and help you craft adverts to get the right people clicking through. Of course, we’ll also help make sure your site’s working well when they arrive.

Examples of our paid search work

Questions to ask your current agency

We get a few clients starting from scratch but the majority have existing campaigns and agency partners that are not working.

With this in mind, I would recommend asking yourself a few questions to help identify if your agency is the right one for you:

Do they incorporate PPC within their overall marketing team?

It's important that PPC is not seen as an addon (undertaken by a small number of people within an isolated team) but an essential part of your digital and overall marketing strategy.

Does your agency provide proactive and insightful data and actionable tasks (that you don't need to chase)?

PPC tends to be a reactive environment and as such, budget and time can slip easily. By continuous improvement and proactive involvement, you can ensure that your agency is trying every avenue to maximise and spend your budget wisely.

Does my agency recommend and explain the latest changes, innovations and strategies to PPC?

PPC is an evolving environment, Google have made some BIG changes this year alone. However, Facebook dark posting, sponsored Instagram's posts and dynamic product ads are just a few of the recent trends and your agency should not just know about them but actively at the forefront of using them to better improve your efficiency and budget spend.

Do I know exactly how my campaigns are performing?

You need an adequate level of reporting and exposure to your campaigns in order to understand how it's going and where things could be improved. We don't spend hours and hours on reporting, we prefer to do the actual work and provide snapshots as often as you like (because nobody is going to read a 26 page report no matter how good it looks!)

Does my agency reflect the attention to detail and standards that your brand stands for?

Quality is a term thrown around quite easily we find. However, true quality comes down to having a standard of practice that you never fall below. This bar for us is incredibly high and we can prove that with ROI and meticulous attention to detail (whilst also following industry standard best practices).

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