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A cloud-first headless content management system

Kentico Cloud is Kentico’s new headless content management system (CMS) offering. 

A headless CMS is one that allows you to separate the management of your content from the platform that displays it. A headless CMS gives you ultimate flexibility to create engaging, omni-channel customer experiences.

Regain Your Creative Edge

Kentico Cloud helps designers and content creators regain their creative edge, by removing the limitations of a traditional CMS. 

Collaborate and deliver engaging cross-channel experiences with the #1 headless CMS for marketers and developers.

When should I choose Kentico Cloud?

Kentico Cloud is a viable choice if your project requires:

  • Total control over design - where you want to control the display of content quite strictly
  • Omni-channel - As a centralised content repository, Kentico Cloud is a great choice for clients wanting to use content across multiple platforms and channels (such as web, mobile, chatbot, etc)
  • Simple specifications: Kentico Cloud is a content management microservice, which makes it perfect for content-oriented microsites or brochure sites that don’t require too much complexity
  • A tight deadline or budget: Kentico Cloud is cost-effective and quick to build on, making it a great choice for those needing to get to market quickly

Kick-start a project

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