Content marketing strategy

Outstanding content is at the heart of every successful digital strategy.

If you want to build relationships with your customers, you’ll need to constantly engage, surprise, and inform them with content that tells your brand story and meets their need. 

Here at Distinction, we’ll work with you understand exactly who your customers are, what makes them tick, and the kind of content that will keep your business front of mind. We’ll help you go beyond the standard blog posts your competitors are creating to craft original, compelling content that evokes conversion, earns links to your website, and convinces your potential customers to take a valuable action. 

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Content marketing services

Content Marketing Strategy: A thorough content marketing strategy focuses your time and resources on creating genuinely helpful, targeted content that pulls potential customers towards your business. We’ll use audience insights from your business, industry, and keyword research to devise a plan for putting your business in front of the right customers at the right time. 

Content Audit: Our specialists can review your existing content to determine what has already been successful for your brand and any areas of your content that might be preventing you from achieving your goals. We’ll analyse both your social media posts and website, as well as your competitors’ content, to get a comprehensive overview of where you currently stand. 

Content Development: We work in multi-disciplinary teams to develop a creative concept that represents who you are as a brand. Our marketers, designers and strategists will work to create hero content that connects emotionally with your target customer and sets their buyer’s journey in motion. We’ll also identify industry-specific content pillars around which you can create a long-term content marketing strategy that will continue to bring customers back to your website.

Content Promotion: There’s no value in creating great content if your target customer doesn’t see it. Our team will help you with the most crucial part of the content marketing process: promotion. We’ll identify audiences that will be interested in your content, connect with influencers to maximise your reach, and set up an outreach email workflow to earn links and recognition. 

Our approach

Investing in creating and promoting content without a specific purpose or set of goals in place is unlikely to deliver the results you need. We help our clients realise how they want use content in support of their overall business goals and outline the strategy to getting there.

As a full-service agency, we have specialists with a broad range of experience working collaboratively to create content that puts your customers on the path to purchase. We combine a data-drive approach with a creative flair, allowing us to deliver relevant, timely content that resonates with your ideal customers and encourages conversions. From digital strategists and designers to social media and SEO experts, our team will ensure your content is authentic to your brand values and aligns with your broader digital strategy.

Types of content we can produce 

Landing pages: We can develop impactful landing pages that build your brand awareness and encourage users to take an action on your website.

Social posts: Content designed specifically for each of the social platforms your customers are using.

Email campaigns: Our designers can create visually engaging email templates for your direct marketing campaigns that we’ll couple with directive, engaging copy.

Interactive content: Content that requires active engagement from your audience and is more likely to result in conversion. 

Video: The power of video content cannot be underestimated. Our strategists can help you develop creative concepts that are unique, engaging, and not purely promotional.

Blogs: Content that’s genuinely helpful and informative for your target customer and enables you to boost your visibility in the search engine results pages (SERPs).

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