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We translate business goals into user-centric experiences that grow your brand and build your business. We believe that good user experience is integral to good design. It solves problems, drives engagement and generates real results.

Email marketing is far from dead. But in a world in which we’re inundated with masses of unwanted emails every day, is vital to ensure your marketing emails are targeted, personal, and timely.

Done properly, email marketing can be highly effective at driving conversions, building brand loyalty, and engaging your audience. Here at Distinction, we can help you build the email marketing strategy you need to ensure your sending out the right content, to the right people, at the right time of day. We can help you build your subscriber list organically, optimise your emails for continual improvement, and design custom email templates that compel your audience to read, click, and convert.

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Our approach

Here at Distinction, we ask all our clients to think of us as an extension of their existing team. When we start working together we’ll sit down to outline your most important goals and objectives, set targets, and get to grips with exactly what you want to achieve through email.

We have a full-service team of experts well-versed in creating compelling content and strategizing for email marketing campaigns. Our customer-centric view keeps us focused on one thing only: that every interaction a potential customer has with your brand is conducive to your ultimate business goals. 

That means from the moment a visitor reaches your site, we’ll have a plan in place for how to use email to turn that user from a visitor to a customer, and from a customer to a brand advocate. We’ll ensure your website is fully optimised to encourage visitors to sign up to your emails and newsletters and your email templates are impeccably designed to meet your audience’s expectations. 

Email marketing services

Email Marketing Strategy: If you’re at a loss as to where to start with your email marketing plans, we can work with you to produce a holistic strategy, informed by a data-driven understand of your customer and with your other marketing channels in mind.

GDPR Compliant Subscriber Lists: An email marketing campaign is nothing without the ideal audience to send your communications. We can help you build your subscriber list organically through a variety of techniques and ensure that your direct marketing campaign is GDPR compliant.

Performance Monitoring and Optimisation: Sending out emails and hoping they perform as you’d hoped once they reach a potential customer’s inbox isn’t enough to be successful with email marketing. Our team can work with yours to monitor the performance of specific campaigns. We’ll deliver a straight-talking, concise monthly performance report to outline success and deliver recommendations for how we can continually optimise.

Custom Email Templates: Your customer is receiving hundreds of emails every day from other brands. If you want to stand out in the crowd, our award-winning in-house designers will design custom email templates informed by the data-driven insights of the marketing team to ensure your message is the one that resonates.


Understanding the data you have available and how to leverage that data to connect with your audience is paramount when it comes to email marketing. Our team of experts will undertake research and analysis to truly understand the wants and needs of your ideal customer and their lifetime value to your business. We’ll develop a comprehensive strategy outlining how you can use email to develop profitable relationships, how to segment your potential customers based on their behaviour, and the kind of messaging that will drive conversions. 

Performance and measurement
Before we send your first email, we’ll help you to establish specific, relevant key performance indicators (KPIs) that we can use to measure the success of your email marketing campaigns. As with our other digital marketing services, we’ll work together to outline a digital marketing measurement model (DMMM) outlining your overarching business goals and the ways in which your email marketing goals will support these.

Once your campaigns have launched, we’ll analyse their results and provide a succinct, straight-talking report that evaluates the performance of the campaign against your goals. We’ll also report on your deliverability and the list health to ensure the customers you’re marketing to are active and receiving your emails in their inbox. 

Design and build

Strategy and data aside, your email marketing campaigns will likely fall flat without a design that tells your brand story and evokes emotion from your customers.

Our designers can create custom email design templates to ensure every interaction your customers have with your brand encourages them to convert and promote. Our emails are designed to demand engagement and nurture your leads, combining powerful imagery with enthralling content. We go beyond simply inserting your customer’s name into the subject line; we’ll produce dynamic content based on your customers previous behaviour, such as where they spend most of their time on your site. We’ll also make sure our email designs are responsive, so your emails can be read across all devices and your customers can complete your desired action. 

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