Targeted PPC Campaigns

With years of campaign management experience with budgets of £300-£40k per month, supplement marketing with a targeted PPC presence.

Paid advertising (PPC) is an incredibly effective means of getting your business noticed instantly and driving traffic to your website. Whether you want to increase brand awareness, generate more leads, or drive more sales on your website, our PPC specialists can help you maximise your budget and gain access to customers in the market for your products and services on demand. 

Our team have worked with clients from a multitude of industries, including insurance, software, events, and publishing (to name just a few), to create high-performing campaigns from the ground up. We’ve also significantly improved the profitability of our clients existing campaigns with just the right balance of data-driven insights, intuition, and creative flair. 

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PPC - do the right thing

Get noticed instantly 

Combining PPC with your SEO efforts is full-proof strategy for getting the instant results you need whilst building your organic ranking over the long-term. With the right combination of data analysis and creativity, you can also make sure you’re targeting the right audience, keywords, and locations, to see a significant return on investment.

We offer paid advertising services across search, display, and social, so no matter where your customers are online we’re ready to deliver a cost-effective strategy for getting your products and services in front of them. 

Our approach

When it comes to PPC, we’re smart with your budget and our time. From the moment we start working together, our team will immerse themselves in getting to know your business’ needs and fine-tuning your campaign strategy. We won’t waste your time or ours by building campaigns that deliver no real results and simply tick over from month to month.

Just as with our SEO services, we’ll start by working with you to create a Digital Marketing Measurement Model (DMMM) that serves as a clear plan with specific, time-bound targets. We’ll tell you which keywords are worth your money and the kind of ads that will get customers clicking. Of course, we’ll also help to make sure your site is working well when they arrive. 

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Typically, we can complete a comprehensive audit of your PPC account within 5 working days. It’s completely free, all we ask is that you allow us talk your through the report when it's ready.

PPC services

Google Ads: Our expert PPC specialists can strategize, build, and optimise campaigns across Search, Display, and Shopping to get your products and services and in front of potential customers and drive maximum ROI.

Google Shopping: Our Google Shopping service is ideal for ecommerce businesses looking to drive higher conversion rates. Our team can help you build campaigns from scratch or make changes to existing campaigns to maximise your ROI.

Remarketing: Remarketing is an effective means of drawing potential customers who are already familiar with your brand back to your website. We’ll design custom display remarketing ads aligned with your overall PPC strategy.

Bing Ads: While Google is the leader in search, Bing still accounts for a large share of the market. We can help you ensure you aren’t missing out on valuable potential customers by strategizing, building, and optimising paid search campaigns on Bing.

Social Media Advertising: Social media advertising is all about meeting your customers where they already are online. Our team are experts at building highly-targeted, relevant ad campaigns aimed at users on Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram, and more.

PPC Audit: Are you running your own paid advertising campaign and wondering why you’re not seeing the results you expected? We can provide a expertise and guidance on where you’re going wrong and guide you towards a more cost-effective strategy.

Strategy and build 

A strategic approach to paid search advertising is at the core of everything we do. Before we think about how we’re going to build your campaign, we’ll have a chat with you about why you’re looking to use PPC as a marketing channel and what exactly you’re hoping to gain. Be it increased website traffic, more email enquiries, or building brand awareness, we’ll outline the overarching goals of the paid advertising strategy before we build and launch.

When it comes to the nitty gritty of the build, we’ll consider users at all stages of the buyer’s journey and target them with unique messages to move them through the process. We’ll use in-market and affinity audience targeting to help your business enter and win those auctions with a high chance of conversion, remarketing lists to bring users back to the site, and similar audiences to target new users with similar characteristics to your site visitors. 

Continuous optimisation

Managing a paid search campaign is more than monitoring keyword bids and tracking results. Our optimisation efforts are plentiful, but they focus on one thing only: helping you achieve better results for your marketing budget, month on month.

We’ll ensure your money is well spent by allocating your budget towards high performing keywords, implementing tracking codes, removing unprofitable search terms, reviewing your website’s path to conversion, and more.

Straight-talking reporting 

One of the biggest criticisms we hear of digital agencies is that they can fall into one of two categories: they send out overly-simple dashboards that provide no real context and mask any inefficiencies or overwhelm clients with industry jargon and unnecessary information. 

In either case, you’re left wondering how successful your campaign really is and how far your money is really going. 

Here at Distinction, we value transparency and we don’t hide behind metrics. Every new client we partner with benefits from straight-talking reporting and the added value of a short PPC workshop. Before your campaigns launch, we’ll sit down together to run through all the key metrics involved in search campaigns and their relationship to each other. As a result, you’ll have the insight you need to understand how your campaigns are performing, the value of our efforts, and your return on investment.

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