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Social media has radically changed the way customers interact with brands and the way brands engage customers. Posting on social media is a simple task, but posting the right content, in the right place, and at the right time is easier said than done.

Social media has radically changed the way customers interact with brands and the way brands engage customers. Posting on social media is a simple task, but posting the right content, in the right place, and at the right time is easier said than done. 

Our digital marketers and strategists can provide social media consultancy across a vast range of platforms, including but not limited to:

· Facebook

· Twitter

· Instagram 

· LinkedIn

· YouTube

· Reddit

· Pinterest

· Snapchat

· Vimeo 

· Tumblr 

We’ll identify where your audience is already active online, so you can reach millions of potential customers in the medium they use most. Our team will conduct research to identify your most relevant, profitable audiences and design a bespoke social media strategy to target and engage these segments. Get in touch today to find out what we can do for your business or read more about our social media services below. 

Social media services

Social Media Audit: Our social media audit service can help you identify where your success lies and the kind of improvement that can be made across your existing social channels. We’ll provide a detailed action plan for how you can utilise social to connect with your ideal customers and achieve your overall business goals.
Social Media Strategy: Without a tactical and coherent social media strategy, how will you know what kind of role each social network plays in the buyer’s journey of your ideal customer? Our team will provide the strategic insight needed to maximise the value of social media, meaning you can be assured you’re engaging with your customers in a way that’s authentic to your brand and conducive to moving them through the buyer’s journey. 

Competitor Analysis: We’ll review your competitors social media efforts to determine what’s working for them, what isn’t, and how we can use these insights to inform your own social strategy. We’ll review the platforms they’re currently using to see where you should be investing your time online and how you can differentiate your business. 

Social Media Advertising: Social media advertising is all about meeting your customers where they already are online, even if they aren’t aware your business exists. Our team are experts at building highly-targeted, relevant ad campaigns aimed at users on Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram, and more.

Our approach

We’ll determine the optimal way to interact with your target customer through social media so your audience engages, grows, and converts. Our social media clients look to us for social media consultancy, so we can prioritise your return on investment and you can focus on connecting with your customers. That means you can trust us to provide the strategic framework to raise your brand awareness, deliver traffic to your website, and boost your bottom line, while maintaining complete autonomy over the day-to-day management of your accounts.


Social media strategy

In today’s digital world, your business needs a targeted social media strategy to make connections with new customers and further your relationships with those that already buy from you. But if you invest in your social media presence without a clear strategic vision you’ll risk inefficiency and inaccuracy. A comprehensive strategy will help focus your attention on the most relevant platforms for your target customer and inform the kind of content and messaging you create. 

Whether you’re new to social media, looking to build a larger following, or want to use your platforms as an extension of your customer service team, our experts can formulate a strategic roadmap to achieving your goals. 

Why choose us as your social media agency?

· Your competitors are using a variety of social platforms, but you have no idea which platforms you should use, what content to create, or how to build a following.

· You’re a small-to-medium sized business with a small following on social media, but you have no real strategy directing your efforts and you don’t get much engagement from your followers. 

· You’re a prominent brand with a large following, but you’re looking for a social media strategy that will make you stand out, get people talking, and build brand loyalty. 

· Our expertise spans both organic growth and paid advertising. That means we can show you how to get noticed instantly whilst simultaneously building a relevant, engaged follower base that are more likely to convert on your website. 

· We’re smart with your budget and our time. We won’t bill you for tasks you could just as easily do yourself. Instead, we’ll lead your social strategy and train you on how to implement our suggestions, so you get the most out of your investment. 

· We’ll dedicate the time required to fully understand your business, audience, and goals to find the framework and style that’s right for you. Our work won’t stop when you receive our recommendations either. We’ll conduct ongoing optimisation and testing so that you can understand how your social campaigns are performing and continually improve your voice and content for your audience.

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