Research & strategy

Maximise the success of your new website or improve the performance of an existing one with our user research and digital strategy services.

Delight your customers

Your success ultimately depends on delighting your users and stakeholders, so that they switch from competitors, remain loyal and spend that little bit more with you. 

If you are not sure exactly what they want (not what you think they want) or want help finding out, we can help.

The redevelopment of the Pan Macmillan site has enabled us to understand our audience and provide them with content that they are most interested in. This has meant we can engage with our readers much more. As well as this, we are now able to display new content to facilitate the discovery of new books and authors.


What is research & strategy?

Industry insights

Detailed competitive analysis and industry research to compile a gap analysis and identify areas of opportunity. 

User research

Gathering quantitative and qualitative research from existing and prospective users and any data sources.

User personas

Creating personas to help articulate key audience demographics, behaviors and customer experience needs.

User journey mapping

Mapping the user journey to the navigational structure and layout of your content is critical to ensuring high levels of conversion.

Content strategy

Content is, and always has been 'king' - we can help plan and define your content strategy to ensure the timely and consistent creation of relevant content.

Technology review and selection

We can review your current or proposed technology selection and review the technology chosen. Or use our agnostic approach to help you navigate the selection process.

Distinction is a brilliant full service digital agency, always putting consumer needs and engagement at the forefront of everything they deliver, whilst linking back to the project goals and objectives.

Tom Fox - Digital Programme Manager

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