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Merry #Flixmas everyone!

So you think you know your Christmas movies? Our little elves have been hard at work to create a festive game to spread some holiday cheer.

1 December 2016 ( words)
Emma Russell Emma Russell

​Challenge your friends and family to a #Flixmas battle.

Here at Distinction we've been working on a new creative project named #Flixmas and it's a good'un. So if you're feeling festive and want to spread a little holiday cheer, why not challenge your friends and family to the title of #Flixmas champion?

Flixmas homepage

To play, all you have to do is go to flixmas.com, where you'll be entered into our #Flixmas living room. It's the perfect Chrimbo crib, decked out with trees, tinsel and sparkling fairy lights. Father Christmas himself even makes an appearance! The aim of the game is to spot all 20 objects and features that we've hidden in the room and guess which Christmas films they're from. When you think you've got one, just type in the name of the film to throw your snowball at the clue and, if you're right, you'll be treated to some trivia that you can share with your family over the Christmas meal or gathered around the TV enjoying the post-meal choccies. But be warned; it's not as easy as it looks. Some of the films you will get straight away, whereas others may take a little longer...

But there's more! Not only is there the challenge of finding all of the flicks, you only have three lives so if you get a film wrong you'll lose a life. You're also against the clock so the pressure is on! Just make sure you're certain of your answer before you hit 'Enter'. Once you think you've guessed all the films you can, hit the big green 'Finish & Submit Your Score' button to be taken to the leaderboard. Here you'll be given a persona based on your Christmas film knowledge. You can also share your personal best on social media so you can challenge your friends and family to beat your score!

This #Flixmas Film Hunt has been in the works for some time and all of the teams here at Distinction have been involved with its creation. We hope you have as much fun playing it as we did making it. We look forward to seeing who comes out top!

Emma Russell

Author: Emma Russell