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Distinction renew Kentico Quality Audit

What does the Kentico Quality Expert certification mean?

This certification is a mark that Kentico recognises our projects are of the highest quality among all Kentico partners across the globe. 

How do you become a Kentico Quality Expert?

Passing the quality audit is no easy feat.

For starters, only gold level partners can apply for it. They must then submit two complex projects that meet strict criteria to be examined in detail by Kentico’s engineering team. 

Before they even look at the project, it needs to:

  • Contain a high level of customisation
  • Be built in a currently supported version
  • No older than 6 months
  • Have an Ultimate Licence or greater

Once the projects have been submitted, Kentico’s engineering team will check elements such as:

  • Hosting environment – is it configured correctly?
  • Overall system health – memory usage, SQL utilisation, security vulnerabilities
  • Kentico configuration and best practices
  • Architecture and Design – how the site is structured and how the media library is organised
  • Implementation – Best practice, code efficiency, security

That’s just to name a few. From this list you can see why currently only 17 partners worldwide hold this certification.

We take great pride in ensuring every solution we build on Kentico provides our clients with the best experience whilst maintaining best practises and the highest quality. It's therefore a huge honour to be recognised by Kentico as a Quality Expert. 

Sean Lamacraft, Head of Technical Services

What does this mean for you and your project?

With this qualification under our belt, you can rest at ease knowing that the code and projects we produce is of the highest standard and you’ll struggle to find another partner who can do a better job.

For potential clients looking for a new Kentico Partner, this certification will act as a guide to help select a top partner to make sure your next Kentico project is a success.