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Women in Tech 2016

A quick run-down of our awesome day at the Women in Technology Nottingham Conference 2016.

24 February 2016 ( words)
Henry France Henry France

The Women in Tech event attracted a really diverse audience interested in the Technology industry.

On Saturday, a few of us attended Women in Tech, hosted by HackSoc and The University of Nottingham. The event attracted a really diverse audience interested in the technology industry. 

Distinction are proud to support events like this, especially as women being underrepresented in STEM roles is an issue which effects our own industry.

An under-represented industry

Only 14% of STEM  jobs in the UK are occupied by women and out of all the Computer Science students in the UK, only 17% are female.

We don't believe that this is due to a lack of talent, but instead is down to a stigma associated with having a passion for STEM subjects.

The digital industry in particular isn’t doing very well to improve this – a recent study showed that the number of women in the digital industry is actually falling. Currently only 26% of those working in the digital and creative industry are women.

Grace at the Women in tech event

We hope that we can do our bit to improve this situation by supporting events like this one. 

The event organised by HackSoc was a huge success, the speakers were hugely inspiring. It was great to hear from some of the most inspiring women working in technology right now . 

We’re working with Visible Women to host our very own event to help inspire 10,000 young women aspire to become leaders in industries that are traditionally male-dominated. The event will be hosted at our office in Nottingham on 10th March (the week of National Career’s Week and International Women’s Day). 

Henry France

Author: Henry France