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​Make Tomorrow Yours

Last Thursday, we hosted an event at our Nottingham studio, to encourage young women to get into industries that are traditionally male dominated.

21 March 2016 ( words)
Henry France Henry France

Encouraging the young women of today to become the leaders of tomorrow.

Last Thursday, we hosted over 50 of Nottingham's brightest students and young professionals for an evening of inspirational talks. We worked with Visible Women to encourage the young women of today to become the leaders of tomorrow, with a focus on industries that are traditionally male-dominated.

We were thrilled that the event was fully booked which really helped to further demonstrate to us the huge amount of talent and enthusiasm that Nottingham has to offer!

On the night, we heard from our very own Grace Mik on her experiences starting as a graduate with Distinction. She introduced Visible Women’s mission to Inspire 10,000 young women during the week of National Careers Week and International Women’s Day. Grace outlined a few tips and encouraged the audience not to become trapped by The Imposter Syndrome.

We then heard from Sarah Crawford, Marketing Director at Union Square, whose career in the construction industry is an excellent example of how women can thrive in male-dominated industries when given the opportunity. She spoke of some tricky challenges she’s faced, and gave some great advice to the audience who were certainly in awe of her knowledge.

Grace Mik speaking

Grace Mik speaking to the audience at Make Tomorrow Yours

Finally, Dr. Jocelyn Spence, who has experienced a vast range of industries, talked us through her different experiences, primarily in the digital sector. Her talk was particularly insightful, and she encouraged the audience to look and be wary of their own bias in situations, and discussed how we can work together improve opportunities for women across numerous industries.

We're very pleased to add that with the help of events and workshops just like ours Visible Women smashed their outreach target and managed to reach over 22,000 over the course of the week.

We’d like to thank all our amazing attendees and speakers once again, and say we can’t wait for our next knowledge sharing event in the not too distant future… Keep your eyes peeled.

Henry France

Author: Henry France