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The Power of Typography

Senior designer Warren Challenger discusses the most significant reasons why typography should become a part of your branding strategy.

3 March 2016 ( words)
Warren Challenger Warren Challenger

The medium is just as important as the message, how you write counts as much as what you write.

Typography is an extension of your brand’s voice and tone, yet many companies choose to ignore it. Here are the most significant reasons why typography should become a part of your branding strategy.

It says a lot about your brand and approach

Typography communicates the style, tone and voice of your brand: its entire personality. Well-chosen typography conveys a clear message about your brand and shows that you care about the details and you have a strong appreciation for those details.

It looks and feels professional and considered

A brand that chooses Comic Sans as their font conveys a single message to its customers: this brand is unprofessional. Immediately your brand and company are on the back foot and this feeling resonates through to your products and services regardless of how good they might be.

Good typography helps people to remember your brand

In logos and text, typography can become part of your brand. It can be about shape, but also about colour – for example McDonald’s and their characteristic golden arches that get repeated on all products and advertising and has been recognisable for decades.

Typography and brand can also evolve over time

What is a good fit today may not be in 10 years’ time. Its important to go back and check how you want to be perceived or maybe even how trends and people change.


But… good typography can also last a lifetime

Very occasionally, a good logo based around solid foundations and understanding of these principles can last forever. A good examples is Braun who went through two iterations of their brand until they found the perfect fit in 1952.

Wolfgang Schmittel joined the Braun design department as a freelancer in August 1952. Upon his arrival, he revised the Braun logo, giving it a reduced, constructively comprehensible form, which has been with us ever since.


Good typography sets the correct tone

Typography will help you create the right atmosphere and create the associations you want consumers to have with your brand. Whether you go for fun and playful or serious and reliable, your brand values can be reinforced with the correct typography.

Good typography can create context

Each font has its own unique history and you can use this to your advantage to situate your brand within a context your target audience will appreciate.

Still in doubt as to the power of typography? Listen to Steve Jobs in his famous commencement speech.

If not for its investment in typography, Apple would have never become the technological giant it is today.

Warren Challenger

Author: Warren Challenger