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Tailor your AdWords ads with IF functions

IF functions are one of the most recent additions to AdWords that help you tailor your message to users.

2 May 2017 ( words)
Emma Russell Emma Russell

IF functions could increase AdWords ROI hugely.

What are AdWords IF functions?

IF functions are one of the more recent functionalities Google have introduced to AdWords that allow you to personalise your message to your target audience on the Search Network. This is done by inserting a special message in your ad when the user matches a certain condition, and if not, the default text is shown. This means you can tailor ads to your potential customers, which could dramatically improve your ROI.

How it works

IF functions are parameters placed within {brackets} in the ad itself, so they're relatively straightforward to implement and this means that you don't need a feed. When a user's search triggers your ad with an IF function, and they meet the criteria you have specified, the IF function will be triggered. Currently they are supported for device and audience targets. This is what the syntax looks like:






{=IF(device=desktop, Quick and easy booking on mobile):Book online today!}


Cart abandoners

{=IF(audience IN(<Cart Abandoners>),30%):10%}

Here's an example:

Let's say you're a B2C company selling kitchen equipment and one of your campaigns is for saucepans. You've set up an audience list of visitors who put items in their online shopping carts but didn't complete their purchase, aka cart abandoners. You can now tailor an ad for these users. For example, let's say this is your original advert:

Example of an AdWords text adThis is how your ad will appear in Google.

Once you add in an IF function, this is how that ad will appear in your AdWords account:

Example of an AdWords text ad when added IF function

This is how your ad will appear in AdWords.

If the viewer isn't in the Cart Abandoners audience, the ad will revert to the first example. However, if they are in this audience list, here is what your ad will look like:

How an IF function text ad appears on Google

This is how your ad will appear in Google.

Here you're tailoring your ads to cart abandoners, providing them with an incentive to come back and complete their purchase. This could prove to be a really powerful tool to increase your ROI from AdWords campaigns.

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Emma Russell

Author: Emma Russell