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Kentico Site of the Month Award for Recorded Books​

Oh no we didn’t!... Oh yes, we did. We’ve received another Kentico Site of the Month Award, this time for our work with Recorded Books.

20 October 2016 ( words)
Lois Wentworth Lois Wentworth

​Recorded Books is one of the biggest names in the industry of audiobooks.

We're thrilled to have been awarded a Kentico Site of the Month Award for our work on this project. Recorded Books operates internationally and is headquartered in the U.S. It operates as a B2B provider and supplies schools, libraries and other institutions with unabridged audiobooks. When they approached us, the industry was moving towards digital quickly due to the natural association between audiobooks and technology. Recorded Books needed a new website to retain their position at the top of the game.

The project itself

As one of our first international clients, working with Recorded Books was an extremely exciting process. We boarded a plane and embarked upon our discovery phase as soon as we landed across the pond. The feedback that we received from Recorded Books’ clients was overwhelmingly positive and truly highlighted their reputable position in the sector. There was, however, a clear need for a new and improved website. Some of the major points that came out of the discovery phase were that the site needed to be more user-friendly and have a better online offering. So we got to work – using Kentico, of course!

Implementing features

In order to make the user experience as seamless as possible, we implemented many great new features on the website. One of the most notable was the improved ‘Search’ function; we incorporated suggestive search, advanced search and pre-set searches in order to make it as easy as possible for the user to find what they required. We also ensured that the e-commerce functionality was fitting for Recorded Books’ international status and now transactions can be completed in multiple currencies. The ‘Shopping Cart’ feature was also improved so that users could add infinite items without having to be concerned about items expiring.

Another feature that we added to the site was a ‘Recommendations’ section, which provides a personalised experience for the user based on other titles that they have viewed. Users also have the capability to create their own account for the site which is registered to their library – again, allowing for a more personalised digital experience.

Recorded books homepage

Geographical challenges

The project was not without its challenges, the main one being working with an overseas client. This was overcome by flying a small team out to the U.S. to ensure that we could collect all of the information needed to build a good foundation for the project, as well as get to know the client personally. This was an important step in terms of client relationship and clarity; we left America with a strong feeling for who Recorded Books were and what they wanted from the project. We worked closely together throughout the rest of the project, with frequent conference calls which were supplemented by physical visits. We feel as though we overcame the geographical challenge well to enjoy a fruitful relationship with Recorded Books.


We believe that this project is one of our biggest successes – something that is substantiated by the excellent sales and engagement figures that Recorded Books have seen post-launch. As if that wasn’t enough, we are thrilled that our efforts have been recognised by Kentico. We accept this award with big smiles and bundles of pride!

Lois Wentworth

Author: Lois Wentworth