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Technology for Marketing Event 2016

We sent some of our team down to London Olympia to attend the Technology for Marketing event.

7 October 2016 ( words)
Lois Wentworth Lois Wentworth

The TFM event is a hub of exhibitors, marketers and techies showing off their latest toys!

Our Digital Strategist Seb Perrin attended the TFM event in London, with our Digital Marketing Manager, Henry France, accompanying him for the first day and our co-founder Greg Bloor attending the second day of the event. Many big names in the industry attend – this year, ASOS, Unilever and Burberry were among the visitors! The event boasts over 200 speakers, 15 theatres and more than 100 exhibitors showing off their latest products and offerings. The event is also free, so visitors get all of this at no cost whatsoever!

On the first day of the event, Henry wowed the audience with a talk on the current and future trends of marketing. Some of the things that he covered were the rising importance of video content, as well as virtual and augmented reality. One of his big predictions for the coming year was that wearable tech will change marketing strategies – something that was echoed by the announcement of Snap Spectacles around the same time of the conference!

Seb also gave a talk on the second day of the event and his topic was more focused on the personalisation and automation of marketing. He discussed the importance of including these in your marketing strategy and how, if used effectively, these processes could become your most valuable member of staff. The talk then led onto a contemplation of the future of artificial intelligence and websites, with Seb concluding that companies need to embrace this technology to stay relevant – but only when necessary.

The talks from both had great attendance and were extremely well-received. Henry’s talk was followed by some questions specific to the future of marketing, as well as some targeted questions about SEO best practices. Similarly, Seb received a lot of attention in the aftermath of his presentation, with many questions directed at him and Greg about the future of AI and potential projects using this technology.

The remainder of their time was spent with our good friends at the Kentico stand, getting to know others in the industry as well as arranging demos and talking about product offerings. As an agency, we are proud to be a Kentico Gold Partner as we believe that Kentico offers an all-inclusive answer for the majority of our clients. We really enjoyed talking to visitors of the event about the capabilities of the platform. Many of the people that we spoke to were astonished by the comprehensive solution it provides, as a user has the ability to manage their content, their marketing strategy, e-commerce functionality and much more with a website built in Kentico. A company with a Kentico CMS has no need for a third-party marketing application. We think this is the reason why the Kentico stand was so popular (…nothing to do with the free beer).

Beer bottles at TFM event

If you would like to talk to us about anything mentioned in Henry’s or Seb’s talks, or anything Kentico related, drop us a line!

Lois Wentworth

Author: Lois Wentworth