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​Kentico Site of the Month Award for Capita ITES

Another one for the shelf! We are pleased to announce that Capita IT Enterprise Services has received a Kentico Site of the Month Award.

30 September 2016 ( words)
Lois Wentworth Lois Wentworth

Capita is the largest provider of IT services in the UK.

We're so glad to say that we have received another Kentico Site of the Month award! We really enjoyed working on Capita's new site for one of their most innovative divisions. The goal was to represent their position as market leader and present Capita’s branding, therefore it was essential that the site was consistent with existing marketing materials and maintained a likeness in design with their main website.

Capita new design

One aspect that we were aware of was that some users would be interested in the website to purchase hardware and maintenance services and others would be looking to outsource their IT services to Capita. There is a gap in between these two types of consumer, therefore full and informative descriptions about services and products were essential to provide the correct information for the right people. This led to a focus on easy navigation and clear contact options on the website. Additionally, Capita wanted to target mid-tier and larger organisations with their site, meaning that it had to convey their professionalism and credibility with features such as case studies and white papers.

We created the required Kentico template files and modular assets to integrate the redesign with Capita's existing Kentico platform. This preserved some of the current website's content and structure alongside the creative redesign of the site. The website we created was also responsive and works well on mobile and tablet as well as desktop.

Overall, the new site can boast a beautiful redesign with quick loading times and Capita has received excellent feedback on the site from its customers. We are expecting big, positive changes in terms of conversions, engagement and website traffic due to the easy navigation and optimisation of the site. You can see the outcome of this project here.

Lois Wentworth

Author: Lois Wentworth