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Distinction's #Futureproof Event

We were delighted to host the first Futureproof event at Broadway Cinema in Nottingham.

9 September 2016 ( words)
Emma Russell Emma Russell

The first in a series of events, #Futureproof is for forward thinking brands who want to get the most out of digital.

In the first of a series, our #Futureproof event was designed to discuss digital developments and what they mean for business now and in the future. We invited business owners and key members of staff from a variety of industry verticals from in and around Nottingham to the fantastic Broadway cinema to provide them with a digital marketing master class, and to open discussions on current trends and future predictions.

#Futureproof event at Broadway cinema

We were privileged that Google accepted our invitation to attend and sent along experts, Lee Shortall and Shaheen Ravat, who presented "Micromoments: How online consumer behaviour is changing". It was an enlightening discussion on how consumers have changed the way they purchase, with as many as 88% of consumers now researching items online before purchasing in a physical store. This has led to a need to change the way marketers promote their products, service or business. They also discussed a number of ways that businesses could improve and increase their online presence as well as pointing out the benefits of working with a Google 'badged' agency.

Next on the agenda were our very own Henry France and Seb Perrin who presented compelling topics. Henry, our Digital Marketing Manager, delivered an excellent presentation, entitled "Everybody wants to be found: Adapting to the changing digital marketing landscape", using the cinema setting to develop a movie themed presentation whilst discussing current trends in digital - including Virtual and Augmented Reality - and how these developments could be used in the future, not just for marketing but in other areas of business. Henry focused on why brands need to take note now and grow with the technology natively to give them a competitive edge.

Our digital marketing strategist, Seb, then delivered his thoughtful and intriguing talk entitled "The Rise of the Machines: The future of intelligent websites". He discussed how personalisation and automation currently used by marketers may develop in the future. This lead on to ideas of machine created websites, intelligence augmentation and artificial intelligence, with a tongue in cheek reference to the possibility of a real-life Skynet! Seb's talk was designed to encourage forward thinking brands to make sure that their website is "an active, money-making member of staff".

The event was well received by those in attendance, we were very proud of its overall success and received a lot of positive feedback from our guests as well as on social media. We hope that all those who attended found the afternoon useful, insightful and interesting and also enjoyed the free drinks and popcorn! We are already busy planning our next event in the #Futureproof series which we hope to hold in January 2017 with LinkedIn as our potential guest speakers, keep in touch for further information on this in the coming weeks.

Emma Russell

Author: Emma Russell