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Why your agency should change the rules

At Distinction, we work with our clients to significantly improve their businesses. We’re hired to make long-lasting positive change, not just superficial improvements.

Clients want us to be creative. They need us to be innovative. They rely on us to bring extra value to their organisation that they can’t get, for one reason or another, from their existing team or partner.

As agencies, we bring the most value when clients give us the flexibility to be curious and imaginative. 

But, more often than not, organisations brief an agency by explicitly defining not just the desired outcome, but the required deliverables too. Sometimes they go so far as to define ‘how’ the agency should deliver as well. And agencies, desperate to please, create a proposal to do exactly what’s been asked. The work is destined for predictable ordinariness, and another opportunity to create meaningful change has been missed.

So, we’re changing the rules. And your agency should too.

When we’re working with a client, we often need to steer them in a different direction to where they thought they might go. 

Although we ask questions that might (arguably should) have been asked before, we almost always uncover the “je ne sais quoi” that others haven’t. A client recently likened working with us to following a recipe from Michelin-starred chef. Without us, they could have used the same ingredients and followed the same process, but the meal at the end just wouldn’t have tasted the same.

When looking at the work itself – specifically the outcomes it needs to deliver – we need to ask how deeply it will affect change. How will it make people think? Will it change how they feel? Is it going to change their behaviour?

And that’s our job. To change the rules.