CASE STUDY: Design & build | Ecommerce | Kentico

76% increase in online revenue

Creating a new Aqualisa website and installer portal, which is visionary and engaging, fully reflecting their brand vision and values.


Aqualisa are one of the UK's leading shower manufacturers, living up to their hashtag #ObsessedWithShowers. For more than 40 years it has been at the forefront of cutting edge shower production, design and innovation. With their diverse range of electric, digital and mixer showers, Aqualisa have always strived for the best. Alongside their product innovation, they've always worked hard to ensure the brand is constantly evolving too, which lead to the need for a new digital experience for their customers and installers.


The Brief

For Aqualisa, customers always come first and they aim for nothing but shower excellence. Their previous website was launched at the end of 2013, and unfortunately was proven to be unsatisfactory in various areas. The firm's success resulted in a steep increase in traffic, and the website was therefore technically unfit for the purpose. Users would often find it unfriendly, complex and counter-intuitive. It was holding them back.

Aqualisa knew they needed a creative refresh. Distinction was therefore given the privilege to create a new Aqualisa website, which needed to be visionary, on-brand and meet their customers' high expectations.Having commissioned a new engaging and unique website in-line with their brand values, they also wanted to have an installers portal that could be user-managed but overseen by Aqualisa. The aim for the portal was to provide rewards for installers that could be spent as credits on the Aqualisa site.

When Aqualisa approached us, they knew exactly what they wanted – a new, engaging and unique website that perfectly reflects their brand vision. The process was made easier because of Aqualisa's collaboration on every step of the journey. After extensive research, Distinction were able to truly understand Aqualisa's audience and how the design should be influenced by them in order to achieve the project's objectives. In addition to user search, Distinction hosted several workshops with business stakeholders which enabled us to thoroughly review business requirements in line with customer expectations.


One primary goal was to deliver a newly configured and tested installation of Kentico solution. Aqualisa's old website was already built on Kentico CMS. However, they wanted more than a mere conversion from old to new platform version; they wanted an entirely new implementation of the website. That's exactly what Distinction did.

A secondary goal was website optimisation across every platform, device and online portal. Mobile traffic accounts for 49% of overall visits to and the percentage is constantly growing. Therefore, this needed to be fixed, fast, in order to reach their growth targets.

Furthermore, Aqualisa needed an installer portal. to allow installers to manage their profile, credit account transactions and earn badges to reward installers for their work with Aqualisa.

What we did

Distinction have created a website that fits Aqualisa's needs. By using Kentico, the site is dynamic, allowing constant updates to the Aqualisa brand. The new website makes it easy for the editors to make additions to the growing product e-commerce portfolio of the firm. In order to simplify the purchase process and enable easy engagement, a Parts & Accessories e-commerce section has been built.

Furthermore, the website architecture has been restructured to provide an optimised experience for all key audience types, including engaging with installers and professionals. Last but not least, the website is now fully responsive across all devices and screen sizes.

Additional deliverables include:

  • Development of key on-site features such as checkout process, LiveChat function, user areas and abandon cart process.
  • Improvement of the website security compliance infrastructure, including data protection, password encryption, card processing security etc.
  • Creation and hosting a "digital assets library" to provide easy access and support to Aqualisa images, product descriptions, videos, technical sheets etc.

The installer portal was added as a custom module in Kentico, which included the creation of admin pages. This allowed installers to manage their profile, credit account transactions and earn badges. When a new Kentico user is created, the module creates a user credit account, which effectively turns the installer into a "customer" within Kentico, allowing the system to store their address information. This credit account then allows installers to spend the credit in the store.

To ensure that this was possible, the default "discount" system was changed. We overrided the shopping cart price calculations to ensure that credit could be spent and honoured at the checkout. This relied on a "pending" action. A transaction was marked as pending when credit was used as a discount. This ensures that credits are not used more than once or if the shopping cart is abandoned, only becoming full transactions once the order is completed and marked as paid.

Badges were also included as a feature on the site. These are features that installers can include in their profile. They are assigned manually by the client, who can create their own badges through the admin user interface and assign simple rules to them. For example, if they install a shower, they can be awarded with a badge. There is no limit to have many of these badges they gain and after 4 of these, they are awarded with credit. Other badges are unique, such as "installer of the month" and "Community Champion", which when awarded to a different installer, are removed from the account of the other. These badges are also joined by a review system, which provides installers with an average rating, based upon reviews they have received.


The main objective of the project to achieve e-commerce conversion rate of 2% or above. This has been achieved and exceeded by far.

In fact, there are many metrics that demonstrate how successful this project was:

  • 5.36% increase in total sessions
  • 76.59% increase in total revenue
  • 34.82% increase in transactions
  • 30.98% increase in order value
  • 27.96% increase in conversion rate

Aqualisa is fully satisfied with the look, feel and functionality of their new website and, furthermore, customer feedback has been fantastic.

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