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Creative digital refresh leads to huge increase in online revenue


Aqualisa’s previous website was struggling to cope with a big increase in digital traffic, and users were finding it unfriendly and complicated to navigate. They approached us to help with a creative refresh, which had to be visionary, on-brand and meet their customers' high expectations. They also asked us to develop a bespoke portal for their installers.


Aqualisa’s new site was built on Kentico, making it easy to update and add to the company’s growing e-commerce portfolio. To simplify the purchase process, we added a Parts & Accessories section, and restructured the site’s architecture for easier navigation a better user experience. The site is fully responsive across all devices and screen sizes too.

What we did

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increase in total revenue


increase in revenue from Google AdWords


increase in order value


increase in conversion rate

Aqualisa - a name you can trust

Aqualisa is one of the UK's leading shower manufacturers and lives up to their hashtag #ObsessedWithShowers. For over 40 years, Aqualisa has been at the cutting edge of shower production, design and innovation. With their diverse range of electric, digital and mixer showers, they have always strived for the best – and delivered.

A straight forward, easy to use platform

The new site is built on e-commerce and online marketing platform Kentico. It’s dynamic and can be regularly (and easily) updated. It’s also quick and simple to add to their growing e-commerce portfolio.

The new Parts & Accessories e-commerce section was designed to simplify the purchase process and makes the site easy for visitors to use. We totally overhauled the site’s architecture too to make sure that every audience type, including installers and professionals, has an optimal online experience.

A rewarding installer portal

We added the installer portal as a custom module in Kentico, where installers can manage their profiles, credit account transactions and earn badges. When a new Kentico user is set up, the installer becomes a ‘customer’ with a credit account, and they can spend their credit in the Aqualisa store. Installers can create their own badges through the admin user interface, assign simple rules to them and add them to their profiles.

Additional deliverables

We added a number of key on-site features too, such as a new checkout process, a LiveChat function, user areas and an abandon cart process. We also improved the site’s security compliance infrastructure with safer methods for data protection, password encryption and card processing security. And finally, the site has a newly created Digital Assets Library for easy access to Aqualisa images, product descriptions, videos, technical sheets and support.

After working with Distinction, I've been impressed by the organisation and admin of our account, especially the management and tracking of spending rates. Distinction offer Aqualisa a wide range of digital services, and are flexible and available as well as being prepared to investigate solutions which helps us to not settle for just 'okay'.

Aaron Bourne - Head of Digital, Brand & Design

Results that matter

The main aim of the project was to achieve an e-commerce conversion rate of 2% or more – which we surpassed several times over!

The new site is already a huge success with:

5.36% increase in total sessions

76.59% increase in total revenue

34.82% increase in transactions

30.98% increase in order value

27.96% increase in conversion rate

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