CASE STUDY: Digital Marketing

262% increase in revenue from Google AdWords

Using pay per click to increase revenue for one of the leading shower manufacturers.


Aqualisa are one of the leading shower manufacturers. They're #ObsessedWithShowers and always aim to provide the best shower experience for their customers. When they came to us with plans of a new website, we also implemented a digital marketing strategy that would allow them to spread their brand message and increase their revenue. As part of this we introduced a PPC campaign.



In order to evaluate the impact of a marketing campaign, it is essential to draw up some form of a measurement model before the work commences. With this in mind, we decided to come up with some KPIs and targets with the client so that we were able to tell how much value AdWords was bringing to their business. We set these goals in partnership with the client, which included:

  •     Increase revenue from PPC by 20%
  •     Reduce cost per click by 30%
  •     Reduce cost per acquisition by 20%

Our approach

Implementing this PPC campaign was a challenge, as there are many Aqualisa and shower-related search queries that we could target. In addition to their different shower ranges, Aqualisa sell parts that are specific to each range, so it was important to bear this in mind when setting up the account. After extensive keyword research, we decided to create two campaigns - one to target parts and accessories, and one to target showers.

Aqualisa have a plethora of products, therefore we decided that the ad groups within the campaigns would target their most popular and searched-for products. As you can imagine, this was quite an extensive task, as some Aqualisa spare parts are searched for by their specific product number. With this in mind, we added these keywords into the relevant ad groups. We did not just want to target branded searches however, therefore we also created general shower and digital shower ad groups within the shower campaign.

After the extensive keyword research and campaign creation, it was essential that we created compelling ad copy that encouraged people to click. This was especially important for the ad groups that were targeting non-branded keywords, as the search intent would not be so high and competitors would be bidding on the same keywords. This meant that we had to create ad copy which conveyed the beauty of showering with an Aqualisa shower, as well as the advanced technology of their products.

The results

The goals for this project were achieved and exceeded by a long way. We managed to achieve:

  •     262% increase in revenue from PPC
  •     40% reduction in average cost per click
  •     29% reduction in cost per acquisition

These great results represent a conversion rate increase of 184% and an increased order value of 18.5% demonstrating that the PPC campaign has achieved an amazing return on investment for Aqualisa.

If you want to find out more about how a marketing strategy can lead to impressive ROI, take a look at our marketing services or get in touch.

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