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Improving customer experience for Barclaycard

Increasing consumer satisfaction and maximising revenues, by displaying more relevant content


Barclaycard, part of Barclays, issues one in five credit cards within the United Kingdom. The Barclaycard was the first credit card introduced in the United Kingdom, coming into service in 1966.

Downward spiral

Historically, around 80 per cent of people who apply for a credit card online tend to be refused, often because they look first at the products with the lowest rate, even though they have zero chance of being accepted. For every refusal, the individual's chance of being accepted for another credit card decreases. It's a downward spiral.

An innovative tool

Our friends at HD Decisions, the leading provider of data and technology products and consulting for the financial services market, devised a tool for pre-qualifying consumers before applying, in order to serve up more relevant credit cards based on that information. The cards it serves up are those where there is a better chance of acceptance, drastically increasing the numbers of people who make a successful application for a card or product.

We were asked to help them implement this tool for Barclaycard.


What we did

We created the 'Let me Choose' microsite, which enables consumers to check their eligibility for a Barclaycard before applying.

It was designed to be in-keeping with the Barclaycard branding, whilst pushing the boundaries as much as possible.

Built using ASP.NET, the site integrates with multiple Web Services to retrieve real-time data from various credit bureaus. We also undertook a further project to integrate the application within Facebook, to open up a new audience via social media and social media advertising.

Screenshot of Barclaycard

Screenshot of Barclaycard Facebook

What do Barclaycard say?

Matt DenmanDirector and Founder, HD Decisions

"Distinction is helping us capitalise on today's digital opportunities, and they do so in a way that not only fits within the in-house skills we have, but also helps to enrich them."

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