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Improving the online experience for a national association


The BSA website is their most important resource for helping  their members. They came to us with various business goals, including: to provide effective member communication, create an authoritative information source, create an excellent CMS author experience, and promote the sector.


It was imperative that the BSA could efficiently communicate the latest information to provide each individual member with the resources they need. By migrating their site to the latest version of Kentico, this requirement was met thanks to various unique features of the CMS.

What we did

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increase of new users


increase in session duration


increase in event registrations


faster page speed

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The Building Societies Association - the voice of building societies throughout the UK

The Building Societies Association (BSA) provides bespoke information to enable their members to be able to run their businesses to the best of their ability, in line with the latest changes to policy. They work on behalf of a wide range of audiences including the government, parliament (UK and EU), regulators, the media and the general public.

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Simplified updates

Another important solution that enabled effective member communication was to provide a 'Notifications' tab for policy pages. The BSA policy pages provide the user with the most up-to-date changes to that policy. Having this information is extremely important for their members as it will allow them to run their businesses as efficiently as possible in line with current policy. Members subscribe to the policy pages that are relevant to them and the notifications tab allows BSA to contact their subscribed users of the new changes to that particular policy.

Simplified communication

To provide effective member communication and create an authoritative information source, we utilised Kentico's custom modules. This allowed BSA to easily create accounts based on the user's email address, after which, the system would automatically add subsequent users with the same verified email to that account. For example, if a user signed up with an @distinction.co.uk email address, they would automatically be added to the Distinction account. This function allowed the BSA to provide useful information for that user based on the needs of the business and provided the BSA with a means of fast and efficient communication.

Simplified build

Another aim was to simplify the build of the site. Whilst migrating the site to Kentico, we also removed all of the out-of-date code. We also made use of the unique function of Kentico that allows you to create a cleaner database through using dedicated classes. Previously their website relied on custom classes to store core information, such as businesses. Kentico allowed for the creation of dedicated classes that would link entities together. For example, Kentico would automatically link a company to that company address, where before, this process was manual. Overall, Kentico has allowed for a much greater level of efficiency than previously available.

The results

There were many incremental improvements to the website that have led to bigger changes for the company, including:

 7.42% increase of new users
9.49% increase in session duration
7.12% decrease in bounce rate
47.19% increase in event registrations
12.37% faster page speed

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