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Qualified B2B leads doubled with new website


Deltek’s site wasn’t presenting a clear value proposition to the 40,000 architects, consultants, developers and engineers who use their services. It was confusing to navigate, with too many pages, and didn't provide an intuitive user journey. The new site needed a structured, professional and concise architecture, and much better reporting, particularly of micro-conversion events, such as PDF downloads.


The new site structure was designed to present a clear user journey, so visitors can navigate the site more easily and find what they were looking for, providing them with real value. By using Kentico EMS, we were also able to reduce Deltek’s annual spend on marketing tools by £1000s and help their marketing team be more efficient and effective.

What we did


increase in 'software demo' conversions


increase in sessions


increase in prospects attending lead generation events

Case study - Deltek - Image 1

Designing clear user journeys

One problem with the old site was that it didn’t provide clear user journeys, so users could become frustrated with it. With the new design and structure, we wanted to make sure there was a very clear user journey, the site was easy to navigate and users could find what they were looking for quickly and simply: less confusion and frustration + much more value.

Case study - Deltek - Image 1

Implementing Kentico EMS

Deltek had found it difficult to track how users were using their site, how engaged they were and how landing pages were performing. Kentico EMS provides an overview of how the site and individual campaigns are performing. With this information, Deltek can focus their marketing efforts on leads rather than casual site visitors by using personas and contact groups. Plus, they can create more personalised content for users depending on what they want from the site.

Rationalising email marketing (and lowering costs)

We consolidated Deltek’s HubSpot, Mailchimp and Pure360 subscriptions into just one platform: Kentico’s EMS – so all site functions can be managed in one place. It also means they can monitor their events email marketing more closely.

Previously they’d been using a labour-intensive process and manually nudging users who didn’t respond to initial emails. Using Kentico allowed us to automate the process and Deltek can now be sure of their success rates and reach out to potential customers more easily.

Results that matter

Implementing Kentico EMS also improved Deltek’s tracking and made it much easier to understand. By automating marketing processes and ensuring campaign creation was smoother, email open rates and click-through-rates rocketed 147% and 115% respectively. The open rate for paid events increased a whopping 311% and the click-through-rate an even bigger 353%. This led to a 107% increase in prospects attending lead generation events, with a fantastic customer satisfaction rating of 98.6% for the entire events process.

The redevelopment of the Union Square site has meant we can effectively present our brand and provide a clear value proposition to AEC and construction organisations, which has been very important for us strategically. Transitioning to Kentico EMS has also made our marketing efforts a lot easier and more effective. We can now monitor our campaigns much more effectively all from one platform instead of using multiple platforms. Furthermore, by making use of the marketing automation that Kentico EMS offers we’ve seen some great results, especially for our events, which see greater attendance and conversion rates.


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