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Charity branding and website launch

Creating a brand and online platform for growth for this incredible charity


EFTC works in partnership with disadvantaged families, children and young adults in Guatemala, Central America.

Education for the Children (EFTC) came to us knowing that in order to maximise the impact of the charity, they needed to make improvements to their branding, literature and website. 

Education for the Children

How we helped them

Initially, we helped re-position their brand, identify supporters and donors, and suggested a bit of consultancy work, looking at how the current site worked and making clear suggestions on how to improve it.

We started by analysing the charity's brand positioning, ultimately sharpening up their visual branding and logo. After thinking long and hard about the charity’s values and beliefs, we developed a treatment using bold colours to represent the four main areas they work so hard to improve: education, nutrition and clean water, healthcare and safer homes.

This palette carried through to all marketing materials, and the website.

The visual design also helped us structure the site – just as we’d clearly separated out the charity’s approach, we’d also break up the content into smaller, bite-sized chunks to help users find their way around.

Screenshot of EFTC

Choosing to use Kentico CMS helped us develop a site that would address the problems of their previous site:

Great navigation: giving on-page navigation on every page helps users quickly find what they want to see.

Desktop, mobile and tablet friendly: because it uses a responsive design, the site works well on different types of device.

Easy to edit: the content editor lets users choose pre-configured styles when they’re adding content, keeping things on-brand.

Better with video: close integration with YouTube helps the charity use video more effectively.

A Platform for Growth

The new brand has provided a strong backbone for a range of online and offline activities, having a tangible impact on the growth in donations and the number of volunteers.

We’ve also had great feedback from editors on the new site. Because it’s so much easier to manage, EFTC's people spend less time sorting out content and more time concentrating on their essential work.

What do Education for the Children say?

Rachael EstradaUK Co-ordinator

"We’ve found working with Distinction an absolute pleasure and we’re thrilled with the results: a fresh and professional looking brand which really reflects the values of the organisation, matching literature and an eye-catching and user-friendly website.

Our site’s also much easier to navigate, and more exciting for our supporters - the feedback has been fantastic - and we're seeing regular donations and enquiries about volunteering, which didn't happen before."

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