CASE STUDY: Design & build | Kentico

50% increase in online engagement

Working together to create a strategy and presence fitting for a leading technology company


Software Europe has been at the forefront of cloud-based business solutions since its inception in 1989. They provide industry-leading applications in finance, HR, procurement, and legal aspects of hundreds of businesses.

The brief

Software Europe transforms businesses through cloud technology, allowing their clients to manage people, expenses, and contracts more effectively. It was only fitting that they had a consumer-facing website to match.

They wanted to have full control over how their content was organized and presented on the new website, in order to attract and nurture leads, engage with prospects, and ultimately grow the business across a variety of industries. Due to a planned marketing schedule, the delivery date for the project was tight. However, thanks to an agile approach to design and development, we were able to hit this deadline without compromising on quality.

The project

Digital strategy

Distinction first developed the brand’s overall digital strategy before applying it to the full redesign of their website. A thoughtful content strategy coupled with beautiful design and powerful technology was essential to not just meet business goals, but create something Software Europe could easily maintain and grow into the future.


We undertook a comprehensive discovery phase to work out what made Software Europe unique, and how best to leverage these unique selling points, before translating this into an online presence.

Future-proof platform

It was important to use a platform that was flexible and easy to use, so Kentico was chosen as the core system, in addition to integrating with Lead Forensics, Pardot and SalesForce.

Optimised for mobiles and tablets

Website analytics showed a steady increase in mobile and tablet traffic year-on-year, a trend that was predicted to continue, so it was essential that the new website was optimised for these devices.

Efficient development

In order to accelerate the development of the new site, Distinction carried out the design and development phases in parallel as much as possible, creating the CMS requirements while templates and the overall look and feel of the site were being finalised.

The Results

Software Europe’s management are delighted with the resulting digital strategy and website. The volume of online enquiries has increased measurably since the redesign, and online advertising spend is seeing a higher ROI due to the successful implementation of the new, cohesive digital strategy.

Visitors are reading 50% more pages per session and spending 25% longer on the site, showing better engagement with the content thanks to an effective content strategy and well-defined user journeys.

But equally important is the feedback from editors of the website, who are finding it much easier and quicker to add fresh content and create marketing campaigns with Kentico.

What do Software Europe say?

Adele BriggsDirector of Corporate Communications

“Our old website had served us well for the last few years, but it was quickly becoming apparent that it was no longer fit for purpose for our changing brand position and marketing needs. The old CMS was starting to show its age and wasn’t providing a stable, effective platform for managing our site’s content. We were also seeing a growing number of our visitors accessing the site on a tablet or smartphone, so we wanted to take this opportunity to make the site mobile-friendly using responsive design.

Based on our specific requirements, Distinction recommended the Kentico CMS. We’ve been really impressed with what Kentico has to offer, and it’s made updating and growing our site easier than ever before.”

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