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Supporting Speedo enter new markets

Read how we teamed up with Speedo to use digital to support two exciting new sportswear ranges.

  • Brief

    We were commissioned by Speedo to lead the digital launch of two new exciting sportswear ranges: H2O Active apparel and V-Class premium goggles. Both ranges are based on the latest in sportswear technology and aimed at men and women seeking high performance, extreme comfort and style, with Speedo quality.
  • Solution

    Speedo is known for being at the cutting edge of sportswear, making innovative products that appeal to customers’ competitive natures and love of sports. We wanted the digital campaign to reflect that, showing off the ranges with clear UX, exceptional design, and smart interactivity.
  • What we did

    • Strategy
    • Design
    • UX
    • UI

The world's leading swimwear brand

We teamed beautiful animation with stunning imagery to show the quality of the V-class goggles. As the user scrolls down the page, they discover more and more about the goggles as snippets of information appear alongside the pictures and sophisticated black background. The entire page reflects the exclusive nature of the product. When the reader gets to the bottom of the page, they can see the goggles in both colours to help them decide which one to go for.

The new V-Class Goggles feature 'Super Antifog' lenses that provide 2x longer lasting visibility and IQfit (TM) 3D goggle seals that are super comfortable and reduce red marks around the eyes but still fit securely. The H2O Active range is designed for all sorts of activities and can be worn in and out of the water. It’s made from 100% recycled materials for people who want to pursue an active life while looking after the environment. 

Innovation and quality

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