Transformation starts from outside-in.

We’re the digital strategy company focused on transforming complex organisations from the outside-in.

Why do organisations need digital transformation? How does an organisation know it needs to transform?

It all boils down to a need: a need to regain the competitive edge as you’re losing ground to a rival, a need to increase inbound sales leads to boost your bottom line, a need to improve your customer experience to grow your client base, a need to expand into international markets, a need to cut costs and become self-sufficient by establishing an internal marketing team.

Driven by our belief that action is everything, it’s our mission to drive and inspire progress for our clients by transforming their business from the outside-in.

2020 showed us that life is unpredictable.

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Many organisations try to change from the inside-out – it seems the natural way to innovate. After all, you know your organisation best of all. But that approach fails because you can’t see the label from inside the bottle. Change must be driven by consumer demand, which is why digital transformation only succeeds from the outside-in.


When organisational change is driven by consumer demand there's a natural cultural shift within the organisation to one of customer-centricity. Listening to your customers’ needs will change the mindset, culture and processes of your organisation which will drive the technology and tools you need to digitally transform.


You need strategy for the real, unpredictable world. Active strategy is a mindset and framework that allows you to plan ahead but be flexible and dynamic enough to respond quickly to market changes, so you can still deliver your long-term business objectives even when a giant curveball is thrown your way.

This was a landmark project for IStructE; affecting almost all of our members. Distinction understood that from the beginning. Until recently you could say we’ve been a bit slow to make changes to our technology or digital offerings. But the success of this project has given key stakeholders the confidence and member backing to drive innovation.

Darren Byrne

Membership and Education (now Deputy Chief Executive) | Institution of Structural Engineers